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Our meetings consist of a wide variety of topics from Family History programs to Internet searching for genealogists. Our question segment often offers solutions to those who are not too shy to ask for help, but committee members are identifiable (green label) and can be approached before or after the main speaker's presentation.

We also run a Buddy System, where members with particular questions are paired up with volunteers who can help on a one to one basis, either on the telephone or in the home. Contact the to find the right Buddy.

Contacts: Convener - Rex Wood - Phone 09 534 2712,   Programme Organiser- David Bryant- Phone  535 525

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Auckland Group Meetings are held at 1:30 pm,. on the 3rd Saturday of the month, February through November

We meet at the Fickling Centre, below the Mt Roskill Library, corner of Mt Albert and Mt Eden Roads

2016 meetings
This month's meeting is on Saturday 21st May. at 1.30pm
at the Fickling Centre, corner of Mt Albert and Mt Eden Rd under the Mt Roskill Library 

Our speaker will be Jared Peterson from Microsoft on Windows 10. We would like arrange a set of questions to add to his talk. So if you have any set  questions to ask please Email to David Bryant at  <dpbryant@ihug.co.nz>. He will arrange the set of questions for the speaker.

Email the Programme Organiser

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