Further Information

The Genealogical Computing Group (GCG) is a Special Interest Group of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists Inc. (NZSG) and has several hundred members throughout New Zealand.

It is active in promoting and advising on the use of computers for researching and recording “Family History”.

Our three key objectives are:
• To foster and encourage the use of computers as a tool for genealogical research
• To provide members of the GCG with information and advice on the use of computers and their programs (which assist genealogical research)
• To organise computer assisted projects related to the storage, retrieval and indexing of genealogical information.

The group is administered by a committee elected at Annual General Meetings, however local activities are conducted by “sub-groups” in various centres. Members of GCG are encouraged to become members of NZSG.

The committee is responsible for:
• Compliance with its bylaws, which may only be changed at Annual General Meetings
• Maintenance of the membership database
• Sponsoring and supporting the establishment of sub-groups.
• Publishing a quarterly newsletter – GenCom News – dispatched in December, March, June, and September.
• Operation of a magazine library
• Liaison with the New Zealand Society of Genealogists Inc. and compliance with its constitution.
It also provides:
• Provision of a web-site providing information about the group, sub-groups, and other computer and internet based genealogical resources.
• The archiving (and where appropriate the publication) of some computer-based files of New Zealand genealogical data.
• Occasional email newsletters

The current committee members, and other information, is listed on our website here.

Sub-groups are formed at local level, typically where there is a minimum of 15 GCG members who desire to meet regularly. Current sub-groups are listed here with additional information.

Sub-groups assist beginners and those unfamiliar with computers in choosing genealogical programs, and offer guidance on how to get the most from them. They also provide demonstrations on the use of computer programs, peripherals, and the internet, relevant to genealogical research and recording. Practical question and answer sessions are also held.

Some of the larger sub-groups have hosted annual “Open Days” where the public are invited to view the resources and activities of members, and consider joining the group.

The subscription period of the GCG is 1 October to 30 September, and the Annual General Meeting is normally held in June or July each year, at which a committee is elected and subscriptions for the forthcoming year are set. An invitation to renew membership accompanies each December issue of GenCom News. New members joining during the year receive access to the members’ section where there are links to download past issues.

A two-page A4 size brochure of GCG general information in PDF format is available to download.

Formal proceedings:
Our financial year ends on 31 March. The 2022 Annual General Meeting was held on 18 June at the Fickling Centre, Three Kings, Auckland.

You can download the AGM minutes, Chairman’s, Convenor’s & Financial reports here.

Officer Nomination form.