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New Zealand

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More information
NEW ZEALAND BOUND Links to shipping lists
A good starting point
Denise & Peter's Homepage
Over 1,000 passenger lists
Most of our Auckland lists and information is now at "Auckland Stuff"
Denise & Peter's Auckland Stuff
Most  Auckland information Genealogy Research and Lists Relating to the Auckland Region
Immigrant Ships to New Zealand
nearly 4,000 ships, 1835 to 1910 By Gavin Petrie, updated 17 January 2013
New Zealand Yesteryears
2434 Passenger Lists With 942 Ships, 250 ship photographs
Passenger Arrivals at Port Chalmers
March 1848 - January 1851
An expanded and corrected version of Dr Hocken's lists
New Zealand Maritime Index
NZ Maritime Museum
Search for vessels, organisations, subjects, and people, mentioned in a number of publications currently being indexed by the Museum.
Papers Past
19-20th Century NZ Newspapers
Search by Date, Region, or Title.
New Zealand Society of Genealogists Limited database of passengers to NZ from 1841
NZSG members  can view the NZSG Shipping Database in the Members Area. 
A more extensive database is available to members at the FRC either in person or by email
Immigration to NZ
118 items from FamilySearch
Many of these items are books and microfiche containing shipping information relating to NZ.  Some are available at the NZSG library.
NZ Immigration Passenger Lists
1855-1973, from FamilySearch
Filmed from lists at Archives New Zealand – some are indexed, the others can be browsed.
Seafarers who have lost their lives at sea
Scroll of known Seafarers who have lost their lives at sea whilst serving in New Zealand waters.
The Encyclopedia of New Zealand Stories of immigrant shipping
From the 1840s, thousands of British settlers sailed for months across the world to their new home.
Nelson Early Settlers database 1841-1850
Search the Nelson City Council Early Settlers’ Database to find information about your ancestors who arrived by sea to settle in the Nelson Region.
Archives of NZ
Search by Archway
Archive records of shipwrecks etc
National Register of Archives UK
Search for shipboard diaries

Helen's Page of NZ History
Passenger Lists to NZ
Mainly (but not only) Wellington & Mid to Lower North Island.
Auckland City Libraries
Auckland area passenger arrivals taken from newspaper reports 1838 to 1889. Also passengers from 1909 to 1921 from Archives NZ lists.
Emigrants NET
online aid for those seeking emigrant passenger lists.
Searchable database compiled from public submissions.
Ships' Logs, Journals, Pictures
With Passenger Ship Links
Australia and New Zealand

Other Countries

Convicts 1788-1968
Arrivals, Departure, Passenger Lists
Australia Dead Persons Society
Perth, Werstern Australia
The Perth Dead Persons' Society is alive and well, tracing family history.
Australia Unassisted Immigration to Victoria 1852 to 1923
Index of Inward Passenger Lists for British and Foreign Ports
New York immigration
1855-1890 CastleGarden.org
New York immigration
1892-1924 EllisIsland.org

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